The Land of Love

Testo e musica di Stefano Droghetti
Voce e strumenti di Stefano Droghetti
© 2008 Stefano Droghetti, licenza Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

Once upon a time in China
There’s a man whose name’s Zheng He
Well, he sailed across the ocean
‘twas the fourteenth century

No one knew where he was going
In his mind there was a dream
He believed his soul belonged to
Western lands and Southern seas

Well, I’m sailing ‘cross the highway
Running to your home
I’ll be glancing through your seashell
And see the Land of Love

Zheng He reached for the secret
And the warm sea smiled at him
Shimmering treasures, burning temples
Africa, Madagascar
But when he came back to mainland China
Ming’s Emperor didn’t care
His discoveries were forgotten
Ten years later he died in peace

Now I’m lonely with my memories
And none believes to me
But I’m proud I was the only one
To see the Land of Love

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