Not To My Havings

Testo e musica di Stefano Droghetti
Voce e strumenti di Stefano Droghetti
© 2009 Stefano Droghetti, licenza Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

We took our hands and bought the rings
And we swore our love to each other
We thought it’s like this everything goes
So we crossed the line together
And we walked across the point of no return

While summers go and winters come
We’re heading for tomorrow
Yes we’re heading for tomorrow night by night

And winters passed cold and fast
After seasons we made real at last
We’re only loyal to our looking-glass

Not to my havings
Not to the gold
Not to the President will be faithful my soul

Not to the present
Not to the past
Not to my future I’ll be faithful at last

I used to fall in a river
I used to fall on the floor
I used to fall so many times in so many ways I can’t recall

There always comes a time to take revenge
So I tried to shoot my arrow
But the aim was far too narrow for my sight

We built a shed, we built the floor
We built the basement but not the doors
And then one day we found there’s no way out

Not to my havings
Not to the gold
Not to my country will be faithful my soul

Not to our fortunes
Not to our wives
Not to our husbands are faithful our lives

We used to fall on our incoherence
We used to fall on our faults
We hold a collection of failures but we keep them closed in our vaults

Not to my havings
Not to the gold
Not to religion will be faithful my soul

Only to science
Just to mankind
Just to my culture will be faithful my mind

Only to sunshine
Just to the Earth
Just to the Universe from death to rebirth

Not To My Havings - Copertina

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