Point of View

Testo e musica di Stefano Droghetti
© 2011 Stefano Droghetti, licenza Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

Voce e chitarra acustica: Stefano Droghetti
Tastiere, mix, mastering: Emiliano Felicissimo
Chitarra classica: Rossano Drago
Basso: Alejandro De Pace

I remember winter grass
vintage clothes and the sideboards of my father
It was 1979
time was passing on my sightless childhood

But then I woke up on the moon
and saw my mother’s gloom
And since that day I changed my point of view

Boyhood was an unpleasant age
always struggling between going and staying

And then you taught me ‘bout this lore
when you closed that bedroom door
And since that day I changed my point of view
about love

Point of View - copertina

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