Forever Alone

Testo e musica di Stefano Droghetti

© Stefano Droghetti
2020 Creative Commons BY-NC

Per questa canzone è stato usato unicamente software libero.

Qui potete scaricare il progetto per Ardour 6.5 e seguenti: Forever Alone Ardour project

Software (non solo gratis, ma anche libero): Ubuntu, Ardour, Audacity, JJazzLab, Calf plugins, LSP plugins, Dragonfly plugins, Surge synth, Zyn Fusion synth, Kdenlive.
Hardware: Shure Beta58A, Yamaha APX-8, Harley Benton TE-90QM, Zoom G3X

Il testo:

Never went to the gym
Never jogged in the park
Always asked yourself how to be part of the laughters of a circle of friends
Never asked for a kiss
Never lost your brave face
Never breathed in the morning and felt in a blue watercolor marine
Never fought for a girl
Never stared at the stars

Never lost a competition
Competitions are wrong
Wrong, wrong wrong:
Forever alone

Never lost in the woods
Never tried to let loose
never looked at the gentle way the rain is falling in a newspaper bag
Never asked for a change
Never felt in a dream

Never trusted intuitions
Intuitions are wrong
Wrong, wrong, wrong:
Forever alone

Once upon a time in Rome
lived an Emperor on his throne
but he was just a sad and tragic man
on his own

Darling love, you were so small
but now that you’ve already gone
I really miss those sweet old summer days
I was wrong
take me home

Never called yourself in
Never took yourself out
never left at the first light of a treacherous morning in a pale winter sun
Always followed the rules
never set your own game

Never asked for contributions
Contributions are wrong
Wrong, wrong wrong:
Forever alone

Never had to complain
Never tried to explain
never kept a white secret or a childish delusion in your quivery heart
talking to a brick wall
getting blood from a stone

Never made a resolution
it’s time to make up your mind
It’s about your reputation
bonds you have to unbind
Don’t know what’s cooperation
did it all on your own
own, own, own:
Forever alone

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Qualche tempo dopo la pubblicazione della mia canzone, ne ha fatto un remix a mio parere delizioso. Grazie MyLoFy, davvero!

Forever Alone – Remix by MyLoFy