I'm Here

Testo e musica di Stefano Droghetti
Voce e chitarra di Stefano Droghetti
© 2009 Stefano Droghetti, licenza Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

He met her in Camden in a street pub at the second floor
She told him: “Patrick, please wake up, it's 1994”
He swore he hoped he'd have become a well dressed working man
He said “I got a plan”

She said: “Believe me, I know you're trying to understand yourself”
He said: “Believe me, this is a promise: I won't be on the shelf”
He was standing in the shades of the nihilism of the century's end
He was at her command

She said: “Please, stop thinking of a distant past: those days have gone
You have to linger on”
Mmm... They said they'd marry
But she's leaving, she's leaving, she's leaving, she's leaving
And then he told her so: “I'm here”
Yes, he told her so: “I'm here”
“I'm here”

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